Participant Spotlight

DJ is an active participant, who shows up consistently each week on our Thursday Zoom calls and who joined our panel during our June 26th Boyhood & Masculinity event.

Here are a few words from the man himself:

"Hi, my name is DJ, I am 15 and going into my sophomore year. I am a very loving and caring person with a great imagination. I'm an intermediate dj and have a lot of talents. The goals for my future are to get a good job and have money to support my future wife and kids. Also to get into America's got talent and start making money in the music industry. My future plan is to be known and be a good husband and father. During the June 26th event, I felt pretty calm and excited to be there. It felt amazing to be a part of something so big. Being able to talk about my life is a big stress reliever because there were parts I haven't told anyone about, but because of the boys to men community, I am able to let those out. The experience of being there felt like a movie to me. I have never been a part of something like that before so I enjoyed the experience and hope I get to be a part of more events." - DJ