Upcoming Mentor Conversation & Training's

For all active / aspiring mentors, we have a few dates that we would like for you to bookmark on your calendar.

Please join us this Friday, August 28th at 4:00PM on Zoom for a Mentor Conversation. After checking-in, we will roll out our plan for programming for the Fall, share the tentative and evolving calendar of events, and field questions/have conversations about ways in which mentors can be involved.

We then have a 2-Part Mentor Facilitation Training scheduled for Friday September 11 from 12-2:30PM & Saturday September 12 from 9:00-11:00AM.

This two-part training is held twice a year, and is a mandatory orientation for all new or aspiring BTMT mentors. Returning mentors are welcome.*

When men learn how to show up for the boys in this community, we all benefit. When boys grow up without positive, reliable men in their lives, it creates a ripple effect of harm in our communities.

At BTMT, our work focuses on men learning the skills we need to provide healthy, reliable mentorship to teenaged boys in our communities on their journeys towards healthy masculinity. To get there, we explore our own teen years to consider what we needed to hear from a responsible adult mentor in those times.

In this way, together, we end cycles of neglect and pain, replacing them with cycles of attention and love.

Part 1: What was it like as a teenager? What did you need? Who was there for you?

Part 2: What are teenaged boys in Tucson in 2020 going through? How does the philosophy and programs of BTMT respond to meet these needs? How can I begin serving as a mentor?

Email registration@btmtucson.com to sign up