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The Boys To Men Tucson (BTMT) schools program is modeled on the high-impact program by Boys to Men in San Diego  and other similar programs across the U.S. In Tucson, we target middle school boys age 12-14, and high school boys age 15-17. Some of our group participants are school-referred, behavior or academically challenged kids. In addition, because we like a variety of different “stories” in our groups, we try to have group membership reflect a cross section of the population in the schools we serve. The main theme of all our groups is the journey toward manhood the boys are facing, and the more current and personal challenges and successes in the boy’s lives.

Our school-based group mentoring program is meeting with extraordinary success. In addition to the many schools we are currently serving, we now have a wait-list of additional interested sites. The program is growing because of the documented successes that come from weekly contact in schools with Boys To Men mentors.


Just some of what our boys get includes:

A community of adult male mentors and role models who listen, encourage, and believe in them.

A community of men who model integrity, accountability, compassion, and respect.

A community where boys are empowered to speak their truth and encouraged to take responsibility for their choices.

A community

where boys feel supported, listened to, and valued.


A community where boys see their peers are facing similar challenges, and where they learn they are not alone in their struggles.


What Does School Staff Think?

Watch this video to hear what this school principal thinks about

Boys to Men Tucson.

 Weekly group mentorship circles provide teenage boys regular contact with screened, trained, mentors. Each week, men show up to sit in a talking circle with a group of teenaged boys. For many, this is the place where they let down their guard, open up about how they are feeling, and ask one another for support.


All meetings are facilitated by one or more trained BTMT staff members, and supported by volunteer mentors. The meetings follow a curriculum designed to help teenage boys cope with typical problems and issues facing all adolescent males. Our groups bring awareness and intention to the important choices all boys face in adolescent development.

Our current focus is to offer group mentoring at schools because that’s where the boys are predictably gathered. However, this format can also be successful in faith communities, clubs, and neighborhoods. We are happy to provide training and assistance to any men wanting to support the boys in their community.

How Does it Work?

The boys are WAITING!

If you would like to join us and learn how easy it is to become a school mentor, please contact us, and we’ll get back to you soon.


"They saved my son from heaven knows what could have happened to him... gangs, drugs, jail or worse."

– Mother of a Middle School BTMT Program Participant

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